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I’ve decided to try something. I’ve decided to start something new. ifyoudliketotalk@gmail.com is going to be my alter ego. My positive change in the world. I feel scared because I’m also so fragile at the moment but I know how much easier it is to talk to someone who’s distant enough you don’t feel guilty for talking about it but humane enough to care.
The story of two hungry ghosts, right? I’m not a professional, never took a course in comforting people - but that’s all I’m trying going to do. I’m going to try listen, bad day, bad month - whatever. If you're lonely, sad, bored..
I’m not going to listen to confessions of crimes or how badly you want to hurt someone but if someone hurt you, made you angry or plain pissed you off I’m here.
This also a selfish project as much as it’s selfless. I want to feel like a good person, worth something and I’ve had a lot of practise keeping the emotions in check.
I’m not going to judge you on your drug abuse, drinking, partying, race, nationality, sexuality, education. I’ll keep secrets, you can keep anonymous (I sure will be) and we can just have a conversation about how much life sucks at the moment, how much it rocks, how bloody bored you are or just about your day.
I’ve got my own shadows following me. Talk to me, if you’d like: ifyoudliketotalk@gmail.com

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